If you want your business to grow, you mainly need to increase your brand awareness. While some might find that measuring it is a matter of vanity, knowing how many people it can attract can teach you what strategies you need to apply. No matter how important it might be, the activity is quite difficult. Here are a few tips on how to measure brand awareness.

Why is brand awareness important?

Brand awareness represents what people think when they hear about your business, and how popular this business is. If you want your company to grow, you have to know the impact it has on potential clients. This way, you know how to develop it.

By knowing your brand awareness, you know how to advertise and promote your business. This means you are up-to-date with the needs of the clients. Also, you get to know the market, so you can introduce successful new products.

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Your company must have a brand

Your business is most probably not the only one in its field. By knowing how to measure brand awareness, you can create a certain reputation for the company. This way, you will make it unique among the others, and make it stand out for the clients.

One last thing is important. Whenever you start a business, make sure you also create a brand. If people cannot associate it with a brand, they tend not to give much attention to it. If this happens, the chances of success are slim.

Why should you know how to measure brand awareness?

Brand awareness is, in fact, a marketing strategy. Therefore, you want to sell your business. It’s important to measure it to see if your strategy works. In case it doesn’t, then it means you should change something, and the measurements might tell you what the problem is.

In case the strategy works, then you should know to what extent. If there’s room for improvements, it’s important for you to know. Everything might work perfectly, so you should keep in mind what the best strategy was. Also, the measurements might reveal a series of metrics, such as the age group where your business is most popular, or the medium where it’s best known.

Strategies on how to measure brand awareness

1.      Perform surveys

The opinions of the people are most important in this matter, so you must find out what they think. Surveys are one of the most effective ways, as you can directly ask the questions that matter for you. The easiest and non-intrusive way to start a survey is on your business’ website.

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This should be directed to already existing customers who are familiar with your brand. If you have the means, you can also contact them on email or telephone. Among the questions you should ask, there is their opinion on the brand, and the way they found out about it.

One other option is to perform the survey on the street. Here, you can find people that aren’t already your customers. This way, you can see if people are able to recognize your brand, and familiarize them with it if they are not.

2.      Measure the traffic of your website

Website traffic is a great method to measure brand awareness. However, you have to be familiar with Google Analytics to do that. There are a few ways to measure traffic, which have changed over time. For instance, the tool can tell you how many people entered your website URL directly in the address bar.

Some other measurements are related to the number of people who used browsers to reach your website, and how many clicked a link coming from a different page or document. Unfortunately, looking for keyword search is no longer as easy, since Google adopted the secure search feature.

This is a bit problematic. If you can’t check the keyword traffic, you cannot tell how many people knew your brand and how many found it by accident while searching for more general terms. However, the usefulness of Google Analytics depends on the type of business you have.

3.      Measure search volume

While traffic might not be extremely effective, the volume of searches for your brand might do the trick. You can check it by using Google Trends and Google Adwords Keyword Planner. Make sure you do the searches over a longer period of time, to see if the volume has increased.

Social media brand strategies

4.      Measure the followers and engagement on social media

The number of followers can be a really good indicator of how big your brand awareness is. However, you need a strategy to keep these followers. First of all, make sure you have business accounts on all big social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Then, keep the followers engaged with posts, important announcements, promotions, and sponsored ads. Also, answer the customers’ messages, be active by commenting on other posts and on your own, and share whatever you find relevant for your business. Then, use a tool to see how popular these efforts are on the respective social media networks.

5.      Look at the number of mentions and their reach

The mentions represent all those times when someone mentioned your brand somewhere in the online environment. What is great is the fact that you can find even the unofficial conversations outside your brand that contain the keywords.

The reach is the impact that these mentions have had, translated as the number of people that saw the name of your brand. In this situation, it’s good to take some famous people on your side. A clever marketing campaign is to get an influencer to mention your brand, as it will have a greater reach than the mention of a person with fewer followers or friends.

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Knowing how to measure brand awareness is vital when preparing your marketing strategy. If you discover the strong and weak points of your business, you will know how to promote it. Most brand owners want their companies to be as popular as possible, and to stand out among others. Before acquiring a bigger audience, it’s important to know how many people are already familiar with the brand. This way, you know what to target and how to convince customers to consume your product.

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