Whether you’re running a big company, a startup or you just use AC at home, the energy bill can become a problem during the hot summer months. Besides your wallet, an excess of air conditioning also affects the environment. For these reasons, today we are going to look at how to reduce air conditioning costs in your space, while also trying not to die because of the heat.

How to Reduce Air Conditioning Costs 101

1. Start Using a Ceiling Fan

It may seem outdated, but the truth is that a ceiling fan can cool a room by 6-7 degrees. The wind-chill effect makes any space more comfortable, plus it saves you money on the energy bill. It’s important to remember to turn it off when there’s nobody in the room, or you’re still wasting electricity. Alternatively, you can use both an AC and a ceiling fan to cool the room faster.

2. Use the AC Economically

An easy solution to how to reduce air conditioning costs and yet keep cool is to set the AC as high as is comfortably possible. Use a thermostat to increase the temperature when you’re away or sleeping. It might seem like a minor thing, but it can decrease the bill by 10%. A key principle is to keep as small of a difference between the outdoors and indoors as possible.

3. Maintain the System

You probably know already that maintaining a system helps a lot with cutting down costs associated with it. It’s not enough to have a programmable thermostat and to use an AC system that is energy efficient. You also need to provide a proper care to your equipment if you want to reduce the energy bill. A dirty AC filter will block the airflow, thus making the unit work even harder. Ideally, you should clean or replace the filters once a month, which leads to a decrease in the costs of 5% to 15%.

4. Try to Avoid Heat Buildup

When you notice that the outdoor temperatures start rising a lot, it’s time to reschedule some of your activities. For example, don’t use the dishwasher, the clothes dryer and don’t start cooking on the stovetop. This will only help the temperature indoors get even higher. Instead of this, you should microwave your food or grill it outside. Wash the dishes by hand and let them air dry. Ideally, you shouldn’t use computers, TVs, and stereos either, since they generate a lot of heat.

5. Close Your Curtains, Shades, or Blinds

Another important step on how to reduce air conditioning costs is to close the curtains, shades, or blinds during the day. Prevent the solar heat from building up indoors. If you close completely and lower the blinds, you can cut down on the heat by 45%. You should also consider investing in reflective or insulated shades so that you can save some money.

6. Have More Plants

If you’re not living in a block of flats, you should take advantage of the free space around your home. Most of the heat you are feeling indoors comes from the sun that shines directly onto the roof. A solution for this is to plant tall trees around the house. If you do the math, you’ll see that the cost of planting some trees next to your home is smaller than the amount you would save on the AC in this way.

7. Use Your Basement

If you’re lucky enough to have a basement where you can stay, it’s a good idea to take advantage of it and avoid using the AC too much. During summer, camp out there. The temperature is lower either way, and you can install a TV, a couch, and a small refrigerator to cool you down. However, there is one thing you need to pay attention to. Never open the basement windows when the outdoor air is filled with humidity. The warm, moist air will create condensation in combination with the cool surfaces like the basement walls. In the end, this will only increase the humidity in your house.

8. Consider Humidity When Setting the AC

On humid days, you need to turn the AC down a little. The reason here is that the air moves slower through the equipment, which means it removes more moisture from the air. Thus, the atmosphere in your home or building will be much more comfortable than if you would have set it on high.

9. Use Water

Instead of turning the AC on every hour, try using more traditional ways of cooling yourself. Step in the shower every time you feel the need. Use a water bottle to spray yourself often, or a cool cloth placed on the back of your neck. They may not work right away, but don’t lose your hope. Before knowing how to reduce air conditioning costs and keep cool, you need to understand a thing or two about the human body. The comfort range we have depends on the recent experience we have had with the heat. Both our bodies and our minds need a while to adjust to some rising temperatures, so give your body the time it needs.

10. Insulate Your Home

Usually, people only think about insulating their homes when it’s getting cold. However, a properly done insulation can help you save your AC money as well. The cold air you are trying to keep inside can sneak out through window and door seals that are worn out, through the attic or other cracks you may not even know about. A solution here is to have a home energy audit from a local contractor or your utility provider. In this way, you will get some help from professionals with insulating your home.

Check out this clip with other tips on reducing the costs:

To sum it all up, it’s not hard to learn how to reduce air conditioning costs while also remaining cool. Check out the steps above and see how many you can implement on your own. Of course, some are more suitable for a home rather than an office building, while others are appropriate for companies.

Image source: depositphotos.com