Financial planning represents an issue for both business and personal budgets. On the one hand, most companies manage their budgeting process through in-house developed applications or simply by keeping spreadsheets. This method is outdated and not 100% efficient. The solution is getting a budgeting software.

On the other hand, individuals have a hard time planning their personal budget. This problem can be addressed in an easy way, by simply downloading one of the budgeting applications available on different devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.).

While businesses are recommended to buy the license of a certain budgeting software, individuals want to get those applications for free. If this is also your case, do not hesitate to consult the list below.

financial planning apps

Best Budgeting Software in 2016

Personal Capital

This app helps you keep track of your budget at all times. It is an all-in-one budgeting and money management app, and it can be used on many types of devices and platforms (online, desktop, Mac, Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, Windows, tablets, laptops, etc.).

It is 100% free, no costs involved. This software was launched in 2009 and, since then, it had an increasing popularity. Personal Capital has been ranked number 18 on CNBC’s list of top disruptors, among companies such as Airbnb, Dropbox, and Uber.

This budgeting software allows you to link your accounts, monitor, and manage your financial budget, in an efficient way. It helps you handle all aspects of your financial life: from savings to investment and debts. This way, you can get a real-time view of your transactions at every moment in time.

If you are interested in having more control over managing your budget, Personal Capital allows you to split your transactions into different categories: entertainment, insurance, home spending, car spending, groceries, etc. Moreover, this software also offers a tool named Cash Flow Analyzer. With it, you can discover in which areas of your budget you need to cut costs and save money.

Personal Capital is a read-only budgeting software. This means you are unable to move money between accounts or make transactions.That is why it is safe to use.

Quicken Budgeting App

This budgeting software is an industry leader in financial apps, according to many reviews. However, take into consideration that the app is not free. It has three versions: Starter Edition (39.99 dollars), Deluxe (74.99 dollars), and Premier (104.99 dollars).

Quicken was one of the first budgeting software to appear on the market, and it has continuously improved its platform. With this app, you can easily see all your money in one place. You can view all details, from expenses to utilities and taxes. Through Quicken, you can connect to your banks and create budgeting plans to help you get out of debt.


This is another free personal budgeting software. You can discover many functions and features with this app, from financial planning to customized budgeting tips and more. To sum up, you can easily get a wide view of your total financial life.

It is easy to use, too. You can start by providing some information such as your email, zip code, and set a password. You can see a complete picture of your cash-flow, incomes, but also your spending. Mint also gives you a free credit check.

Moneydance Personal Finance

This is a top budgeting software for Mac users. It is not free; it costs 49.99 dollars. However, Moneydance offers a free trial of its Moneydance financial software, which is limited to up to 100 manually-entered transactions.

It is easy to use and it has plenty of financial features. Moneydance provides a modern complex graphical tool system through which you can easily generate visual reports. The Washington Post said Moneydance manages to replicate much of Quicken’s functionality, however, it is a bit more elegant (


This budgeting software is a desktop app that offers many different features: downloadable transactions, investment and budget tracking, etc. It costs 40 dollars, but a free demo version is available online. AceMoney is an app available on iPhones.

Other online versions of budgeting software:

  • Budgetpulse
  • Buxfer
  • ClearCheckbook
  • Moneystrands
  • Mvelops
  • Pocketsmith
  • Yodlee

All in all, if you are looking for a budgeting software, you need to know that all of them have similar features, so you need to decide which one you think will work best for you. The best way is to choose one, try it, and then decide if you are on to another or if it is good enough to keep it.

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