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Perhaps you’re a new business start-up, and you need to figure out how to create a small business budget that will keep you profitable. We have those answers and more. From how to get started with crowdfunding to the most effective ways to increase sales revenue, we can teach you how to generate money.

Not only that, we have articles with insights to help your import-export business, information on stock valuation methods, and the best payroll services to use. Even better? Overhead Watch provides learning guides for operational planning, budgeting, and marketing tools.

Have you wondered how to leverage your Facebook or Instagram page to increase sales? Have no fear; we understand social media and we’ll share those secrets with you. Maybe you need a new strategy on how to hit sales target goals or a loss leader strategy to stimulate other sales.

You’ve come to the right place. We know that sales are the backbone of any business, whether you’re selling goods or services.

What’s more, we have tips and tricks on increasing revenue, how to conduct an internal audit, and money-saving tips that will keep you on target. Do you need help navigating your business taxes? We’ve got you covered there as well, with ideas for efficient ways to reduce your tax bill.

One more thing: Be sure to check into the Overhead Watch podcast to listen to experts in cost consulting with comprehensive details about cost reduction industries, budget planning, and business strategies to increase revenue.

All in all, we want Overhead Watch to be your one-stop-shop for everything you need to find out about small business. From start-up strategies to how to maintain the bottom line, we strive to educate you so you can go about your business armed with knowledge.

Welcome to our community. We’re so happy to have you here, and we hope that you will want to share what you’ve learned as a small business owner. Please feel free to leave a comment on one of our posts with questions and insights.

You can always get in touch via email through our contact page. Do you have tips for small business owners, a story you want to be covered, a business product you want us to review? Or maybe you have a question we haven’t answered. Let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

Meet the Team

Robert Pettiford – Chief Editor

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Feel free to contact me at rpettiford@overheadwatch

My name is Robert Pettiford, and I’m the chief editor here at Overhead Watch. As I built my small business year after year, I acquired a vast knowledge of the requirements it takes to start-up and run a successful enterprise. After years of developing my tools in small business, I’ve decided it’s time to share the wealth.

So I work hard at OverheadWatch.com to bring you all the latest news and information any small business owner needs to keep their books in the black. From budget planning business tools, to cost and expense reduction audits, you’ll learn how to stay organized and track all of the expenses that could cause a loss in revenue if left unattended.