What is B2B marketing? Marketing is a crucial component for any business. Whether you’re selling a service or a product, marketing helps you create relationships with your audience that can convert them into loyal customers.

But all marketing isn’t the same. Each company needs to think strategically about the marketing they put out in the world. This means considering who your audience is, what their problems are, and what they are looking to purchase. For many businesses, this means using a B2B marketing strategy instead of a B2C marketing strategy.

What Is B2B Marketing?

The first question we need to answer is what is B2B marketing. B2B marketing stands for business to business. Unlike a B2C marketing strategy, which stands for business to consumer, a B2B marketing strategy is trying to get another company to purchase a product or a service.

Typically, B2B companies are not selling a product that consumers will use. Instead, most B2B marketing revolves around products or services that will make it easier for a company to produce their own products or services. However, some companies use B2B marketing to attract companies that will resell their products to their own customers.

Who Uses B2B Marketing?

Understanding what is B2B marketing can be complicated because it is actually a pretty broad practice. Because any company that sells items to another company or business would need to use B2B marketing tactics, B2B marketing is used in a variety of industries.

Marketers looking to have another company or business purchase their products or services can use special B2B marketing tactics to attract attention and push a sale. Because many B2B purchases are larger than most B2C purchases, B2B marketing typically takes more time to convert.

B2B marketing is used to build a sales relationship and develop trust before a business customer decides to make a purchase. Special B2B marketing tactics allow the marketer to target the right decision maker for the company, understand what struggles they may be facing as a business, and help them understand what products or services can eliminate those problems to make the company more efficient.

How to Create a B2B Marketing Strategy

Now that we’ve answered what is B2B marketing, we can look at the proper way to create a B2B marketing strategy. While some steps are similar to those in a B2C marketing strategy, it is important to recognize that the overall process can look entirely different.

If you’re ready to create a B2B marketing campaign for your business, here are a few crucial steps you need to follow to ensure your plan is complete:

  • Properly Define Targets: The foundation of your marketing strategy will be your audience. Be sure to clearly define who that is.
  • Think of Content and Context: Proper marketing is done when you get the right content in front of your audience at the right time. Think about ways you can do this.
  • Know Your Goals: Establishing clear goals can help you stay focused and on track. Know what you would like to achieve through your B2B marketing.
  • Understand Your Target: In order for your B2B marketing strategy to be successful, you need to talk to the decision maker. Research the person you’ll sell to and have a clear idea of how to connect.
  • Track and Measure: The final step in your B2B marketing strategy should be tracking your successes and failures and analyzing what could have been done differently. Continue to make adjustments to your strategy as needed to get better results.

5 Ways a Good B2B Marketing Strategy Can Help Your Business

Understanding what is B2B marketing is not enough. Before implementing your own B2B marketing strategy, you need to know how it will help your business grow. Here are some of the biggest benefits to using B2B marketing tactics to sell your products and services.

  1. First, B2B marketing influences your audience to understand, connect, and purchase the right product instead of simply buying what is pushed at them.
  2. B2B marketing allows you to build a bridge to your audience and connect with them in a way that fosters long term relationships.
  3. Third, B2B marketing focuses on relationship building and understanding, which breeds long-term, loyal customers. This can save you time and money in the long run.
  4. For companies looking to expand, B2B marketing can help you get your products and services in front of a larger audience – bringing in more business and attracting new customers.
  5. Businesses typically purchase more expensive or larger items, meaning B2B marketing can bring in large orders and sales.
  6. B2B marketing considers the logical mind of a business owner. Rather than playing on emotions to make a purchase, B2B marketing focuses on value, problem solving, and content.

These are only a few of the many benefits that a B2B marketing plan can bring to a business. B2B marketing can help your business achieve your goals, bringing a unique benefit to your company.

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Final Thoughts

Any company that sells products to another business should be using a B2B marketing strategy. The decision makers for a business are quite different than the decision makers for a consumer product, so using a B2B marketing strategy will allow you to connect with them appropriately.Before creating your B2B marketing strategy, consider what value you would like it to bring your audience. What goals do you have that B2B marketing can help you accomplish? Consider these goals as you create a B2B marketing strategy that fits your business needs.

Have you been using B2B marketing tactics for your business? What is B2B marketing for your company? What are some of the strategies you’ve had the most success with? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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