Businesses have to be efficient in every aspect of their operations. Otherwise, money, time, and products are lost. Because of this, they often put a great deal of attention on finding ways to optimize each part of their day-to-day processes. One way to do this is by having a business process flow diagram. However, developing this document also needs attention.

Everything from the way that their products appear to the final packaging and shipping line-up has to be carefully looked at both individually and as a whole in correlation to all the other business practices that are in place. This, of course, can be rather tricky without some type of modeling aid though. And one of the best ones to use is a business process flow diagram.

What Is the Business Process Flow Diagram?

A business process flow diagram is either a paper or electronic which specialists develop with software or draw out by hand. The diagram reflects everything that a product goes through before it heads out the door. Some businesses also use them to check the efficiency of other non-product related aspects of their company though.

The diagrams are usually made with text boxes that describe what is happening in each of the company’s departments. But sometimes, they include pictures instead to make the diagram easier to read. The text or pictures connect with large arrows that show the direction of information or products that go back and forth.

  • If the arrows flow smoothly in one main direction, then this is a sign of efficiency.
  • However, they may keep going back and forth to several different departments. Then, changes need to be made to the business operations.

Who Needs a Business Process Flow Diagram the Most?

All new companies need to have a business process flow diagram. But small businesses can use them the most. That is because when a company is first starting out, their funds are especially tight. And there are just a few employees doing the vast majority of the work. So. they cannot afford to waste time and energy on inefficiency.

In fact, many business experts recommend that small business owners create a business flow diagram as part of their initial planning stage before they even open their doors. That way, they can better predict their future costs by looking at the time that their products spend at each stage of development. Also, they can make improvements ahead of time. Making preparations like this will also help make a small business look more attractive to potential investors or banks if outside funding is ever necessary.

Larger corporations who sell complicated products or services also need to use a business process flow diagram. This is because even though they have more income than a small business does, they are still at risk for financial losses that could shut them down. Family-operated businesses may find them especially helpful because they offer an outside, indiscriminate view of where changes need to appear.

How Much is Usually Spent on Making a Business Process Flow Diagram?

The cost of creating a business process flow diagram depends on the current operating efficiency of the business. If there are already measures in place where the departments can easily communicate and pass work through each other just once before completion, then this is a quick process. However, the process will take much longer if work is going back and forth between the departments several times a day.

Sometimes, companies spend thousands of dollars to hire outside help to build a business process flow diagram for them. But that means that whoever they pay to do the work will know nothing about the way that their business runs. Therefore, it will take them a while to track everything down.

Companies who can afford it often purchase special modeling software to create their own business process flow diagrams. That way, they can easily enter text into the diagram boxes instead of having to build a chart with graphics. This type of software varies in price depending on its complexity. But it is usually at least several hundred dollars.

business process flow diagram presentation

Reduce Costs of a Business Process Flow Diagram in 3 Easy Ways

The creation of a business process flow diagram is a complex process requiring many hours of work, which can be very expensive. So it is helpful if companies who want to use this type of modeling try the following money-saving tips:

  1. Always draw out a business process flow diagram before you ever begin any kind of a new company or project. But don’t get stuck on it. This type of modeling has to evolve along with the products, employees, and business market. Also, it costs less to update an old diagram than to keep coming up with a new one.
  2. Make sure everyone in the company understands the business process flow diagram. Also, be willing to get their input on how it could improve. This type of effective communication will make creating this type of modeling much faster.
  3. Don’t get blindsided by tradition. Sometimes, businesses keep doing things the old ways out of habit. It all ends up costing them thousands of dollars a year, due to inefficiency. You can often save more money by the willingness to get advice from an outside business expert who can see things from a different perspective.

Drawing the Diagram

So remember, having a business process flow diagram is essential to improving the efficiency of a company’s operation. This type of modeling is especially important to new businesses who haven’t worked out all of the details of how to make their products yet. But since it can cost a lot to gather all the information that is necessary, it is helpful for businesses to ask all of their departments to work together in the process.

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