Because we know how easy it is to become a shopping maniac, we’re going to help you create a monthly budget spreadsheet. This tool can become a money-saver. It’s useful as it can assist you with complicated calculation and you get a clear picture of where your money go. You might say your income just vanishes into thin air, but we all know we tend to spend it on silly things as well.

Follow our simple instructions to create a monthly budget excel spreadsheet. Once you know all your surplus, you can use it as a budget planner to always keep your family budgets on the plus side. Before we begin, make sure you have a computer that has Excel installed on it.

Steps in creating your monthly budget excel spreadsheet template

  1. Open an Excel blank spreadsheet
  2. Along the row, type each month of the year in an individual cell. Leave the first column empty.

Second Step

  1. In the first column, put in a heading for your income. Below it, start typing all types of income you receive. It can be salary, pension, benefits, anything you earn. Put them in individual cells.

Third Step

  1. Do the same for your expenditure. Expenditures are all the things you spend money on: utility bills, rent, mortgage payments, groceries, anything else you can think of.

Fourth Step

  1. Once you have everything typed, it’s time to put in the calculation. Select the cell where you want to total up your income/expenditure.

Fifth Step

  1. Click Autosum. It should be in the upper right of your screen.

Sixth Step

  1. Click and drag on the cells you want to include in the total. Click Enter.

Seventh Step

  1. You can now copy-paste the formula in another cell that requires it. Use it for the other months, for example.
  2. Now repeat the operation for your expenditure. Click Autosum, drag the cells and press Enter.
  3. It’s time to put in the difference between your income and your expenditure. Click on a blank cell, click Then, go to the total income cell (the one with the figures, of course) and press the minus (-) key. Now press the Ctrl key and choose the second total (which should be the expenditure total). Click Enter.

Tenth Step

  1. Copy this formula along the whole row, as you did before. Just so you have the formula ready for all months.
  2. Now add in the figure for your income and expenditure. Excel will calculate the total and the difference on its own. Here’s an example.

Twelfth Step

As you can see, creating a monthly budget spreadsheet yourself isn’t hard at all. Easy as pie.

However, if you simply don’t have the time or patience to make a personal monthly budget spreadsheet yourself, just know there are alternatives.

Below, we have listed the top 8 websites where you can find a free monthly budget spreadsheet.

  1. Savvy Spreadsheets – a great free template for beginners. You can find other free spreadsheets, such as the “Easy Wedding Budget” one. Paid templates are also available, if you can spare a dime.
  2. Budgets are $exy – this is quite a treasure chest with lots of templates to choose from. You can edit them as you wish.
  3. Words of Williams – this is a free template that comes with a video tutorial. Excellent for beginners, as well.
  4. Money Under 30 – click the link and this easy-to-use template will automatically download onto your computer.
  5. Wedding Budget Planner – if you’re struggling to plan your wedding, this spreadsheet will help you keep all your expenses in order.
  6. GLBL Budget Spreadsheet – it works by paid period, not by month. Useful for those who work project-based, for example.
  7. Debt Reduction Spreadsheet – you can create a debt reduction schedule. Excellent in helping you decide the best method for paying debts.
  8. Microsoft Personal Budget Excel – a simple but useful template. All it does is add up your income and expenses and then showing the difference. Just like in our tutorial spreadsheet.

Because money management is different from person to person, be sure to edit the downloadable templates to fit your needs. You might have to insert new rows or columns or even delete some pre-existent information. Customize it to your own liking and start planning the budget with your new monthly budget spreadsheet.