Analyzing the budget can be tricky for every business. Not many people really like this task. Defining a budget requires  a lot of work such as tracking expenses, managing excel spreadsheets, and much more. However, there is something that can help and make your work a little easier. Budgeting tools are a great option when you want to create an accurate expense and revenue management system.

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Top 10 Best Online Budget Tools

Some of the available budgeting tools cost money. However, there are plenty of online options to choose from. Everybody wants to have access to the best online budgeting tools they can find. This is why we have put together a list of recommendations. Financial planning is very important. Therefore, you should definitely use one of the options described below.


This is one of the most popular online budgeting tools available online. It creates accurate reports consisting of your financial business aspects such as savings, expenses, and more. Furthermore, Mint automatically updates all your business’ information and it even creates separate categories for different kinds of costs.

As it is one of the most popular free budgeting tools available  online, it has become a favorite program for many business owners. It has functions that are quite similar to another budgeting tool, called Quicken. Both of them have a simplistic design and menus that make them easy to use.


Unlike Mint, which is also one of the greatest personal budgeting tools, Centage is mostly used in the business domain. It offers plenty of features and functions such as forecasting, reporting, budgeting, and much more.

Some specialists state that this budget tool is  a comprehensive and integrated solution. It creates a financial dashboard customized for your business, and it also offers relevant analytics. If you are looking to connect a paid budgeting tool with other business software, Centage is a good option. It can integrate with programs such as QuickBooks, SAGE, and Dynamics.

This tool is easy-to-use and offers a scalable budgeting system. It was first launched in 2001, but it has had many updates and improvements since then.


This is both a budgeting tool as well as a financial reporting system. Prophix is quite innovative, being more than just a simple spreadsheet. With this budgeting tool’s help, you can create financial scenarios, gaining efficiency, and improving your company’s performance.

This is a free solution when it comes to tracking your business savings and expenses. However, after a certain point, if your data becomes more complex, the free version is no longer available. Prophix creates quite accurate “what-if” kind of scenarios, as well as cash flow management, income statements, and more.


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This is one of the more complex budgeting tools that can combine both strategic planning and reliable forecasts. It is a good option for the financial modeling process, being that it is versatile and provides  high-quality spreadsheets. GIDE’s risk of errors is very low.

Furthermore, it offers a wide range of features and functions such as complete balance sheets, cash management, revenue statements, asset planning, etc. A key element that differentiates this budgeting tool from its competitors is the short period of implementation. GIDE takes only two weeks to be implemented. Other tools take up to eight weeks to work properly.


This budgeting tool was initially created to manage personal finances. However, its functions offer the possibility of being used as a business tool, helping companies to achieve higher financial goals.

BudgetPulse organizes your cash flow, savings, bank accounts, and expenses. Furthermore, it has a simple graphic and design, and it is an easy-to-use financial planning software. This is budgeting tool tracks your progress and achievements. Furthermore, you can set alarms, and the program will inform you when and where you should work more on your objectives.


Maxiplan focuses on three major business aspects: reporting and analyzing, consolidation, and budgets and forecasts. With the help of this tool, you will make better cost-effective decisions and implement proper solutions.

This type of budgeting tools is really great at tracking your company’s financial performance as well as creating a more organized business solution. Being an integrated business software, it is really easy to use and implement. It creates reliable business solutions with a flexibility that will truly impress you. Maxiplan offers real-time reports and workflow control.


This is budgeting tool provides really simple graphics and menus. Tagetik’s focus point is to offer more structure into the forecasting and budgeting process. Furthermore, it is good for your business because it creates annual reports, real-time integrated reports, and more.

You can work with Tagetik on both a private cloud or right from your installed Windows. It has a great flexibility level when it comes to moving it from one platform to another. Moreover, it has the capacity to adjust and update your business’ strategies in relation to the market’s changes. A great feature of this budgeting tool is the audit trail.

Adaptive Insights

This reporting tool is cloud-based and it is one of the most intuitive budgeting tools available online. With the help of Adaptive Insights, you can increase your productivity level by at least 70 percent. Moreover, by getting rid of all manual processes, your work efficiency will increase as well.

Adaptive Insights focuses on three big business areas: budgeting and forecasting, financial reporting, and analysis. Furthermore, it offers a simple and intuitive dashboard that provides an overview of the whole business’ financial performance.


Coupa offers complex financial insights such as expenses, invoicing, procurement, and more. It is a simple budgeting tool and it is easy to work with it and follow the updated reports. Moreover, it helps businesses improve their expenses by automatically identifying suspect patterns.

A great trait of this software is the ease with which you can manage all of its the features. It doesn’t require much training. Furthermore, it will help the internal communication between all your employees because it allows your staff to follow real-time budgets as well as results.


Tidemark is one of the single-platform budgeting tools. It provides accurate analytics that will help you plan your budget better and track your company’s performance. By using this tool, you will be able to make relevant decisions.

It works on some online platforms such as a private cloud or directly on the Web. Tidemark has three main aspects that it is in charge of predictive analytics, strategic planning, and budgeting and forecasting. What differentiates this budgeting tool is its capability to track non-financial decisions.

All in all, to increase your company’s productivity and optimize its performance, you will need to use budgeting tools. You can try some of the recommendations described above, and choose the right one that best suits your business’ needs.

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