Officially, there is no such thing as a Google Voice For Business app. Yet, many small businesses have found Google’s VOIP platform to be highly beneficial. There are two reasons for this. For one, like many other Google services, Google Voice comes with professional features. And like many of those services, it is also entirely free to all users.

This heady combination makes Google Voice for business a viable proposition, but only for the really small entities. Since the service was designed for individual users, Google Voice is probably best suitable for individual entrepreneurs/single proprietor businesses and small online firms, rather than more complex organizations. If your business doesn’t fit into these categories, you might find less value in the service, despite it being absolutely free.

What Is Google Voice for Business?

From the perspective of a small business owner, Google Voice is a free alternative to paid VOIP services. Though it uses VOIP technology, it is not an out-and-out VOIP service. When you sign up for Google Voice, you get a virtual number or Google Number. This single number can connect to a maximum of six of your existing phone numbers.

You will need an active mobile number to use Google Voice for business. And it is only available in the US.

  • You can forward incoming calls to your numbers of choice;
  • Record and transcribe incoming voice mails;
  • Do video and basic teleconferencing;
  • Send and receive SMS.

Who Needs Google Voice for Business the Most?

Any small business that requires a VOIP service but cannot afford the monthly subscription charges should be looking at Google Voice. It is especially useful if you have a small online based business. You may also need virtual numbers to connect with your clients in other states.

Google Voice for business allows you to choose a number with any area code. This means that you can have a virtual local presence away from your home state for zero cost. Also, with call forwarding and voicemail, you can ensure that you do not lose any important calls from your clients. All for free too!

How Much Is Usually Spent on Paid VOIP Services?

Unlike Google Voice for business, the majority of service providers in the VOIP market demand monthly subscription to avail their services. There is some variation in the rates, but VOIP charges tend to be much lower than landline bills.

  • The cheapest services should cost anywhere from $5 – $15 per month. Meanwhile, more advanced and feature-packed services are available for up to $30 per month. These are the services aimed at home users and small businesses. Dedicated enterprise services can cost your business anywhere between $25 – $75 per month.
  • This estimate is not per business but per user. If you have multiple users in your business organization, you need dedicated VOIP services for each user. Then, the cost will multiply with the number of additional users as well.
  • Also, depending on the existing phone lines and internet connectivity, the additional expenditure may be necessary for hardware, cables, and other IT infrastructure when opting for an advanced business VOIP system.

In stark contrast, Google Voice for business is absolutely free and offers many of the benefits of a VOIP service. If you want additional virtual numbers for other users in your business, they can be had for zero cost as well. All that you need is an actual working mobile number.

5 Financial Benefits of Google Voice for Business

1. Don’t Add Monthly Subscription Charges on VOIP Services of Other Providers

The effect could be anywhere from as little as $5 per month, to as high as $75 or more. Though Google Voice for business can be used only for one number, you can have as many virtual numbers you want for free. This is, of course, as long as you have multiple accounts and mobiles to link them to.

2. You Can Have a Virtual Presence in Any State in the US

This comes with Google Voice and at zero cost. It also implies a free choice of local numbers. This is especially useful for online businesses who need to project a virtual presence in their target markets. You don’t have to invest in a local landline number in your target state.

businessman talking on the phone

3. Google Voice for Business Provides Free Local Calls in the US

Therefore, you can cut down on your phone bill expenses drastically. This feature uses VOIP technology and requires a working internet connection, using either WiFi or cable.

You can place the free calls through your computer or cell phone app using the Google number. The service also includes free text and SMS from your Google number.

4. Google Voice Also Provides International Calls at Incredibly Cheap Rates

This feature would be beneficial if you have clients, partners or supply chain links overseas. VOIP call rates are much cheaper than traditional ISDN calls. Again, you have to use a PC or cellphone app to place the call. Google offers prepaid credits which can be bought to place the calls.

5. Has Automatic Call Forwarding and Voicemail Transcription Options

These help reduce the chance of missing important calls and business leads. These are crucial for the growth of any small business. With the amount of automation provided by Google Voice for business, you can safely focus your attention on other important aspects of the business. It also reduces the need for allocating employee work hours to handle incoming calls to an extent.

To the Calls

In conclusion, Google Voice for business offers a lot of value for a small and growing business enterprise. It may not work for everyone. Also, some businesses may find the lack of advanced VOIP features too restrictive. But since it’s free, the existing features can help smaller firms save valuable resources.

Do you have any experiences with Google Voice for business? Do you think your business would benefit from this service? If you have any thoughts or suggestions, do share it with us in the comments section below.

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