Google Maps is an online service that allows users to view topological maps of almost anywhere around the world. Their trademark feature is the option to zoom in on specific areas for more details on what is located there. For many business owners, this means a chance to be seen by potential customers who might not have ever known about them otherwise.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to add your business to Google Maps and the potential benefits and costs associated with it. Google Maps listings can be beneficial for almost any kind of business and are absolutely free to create.

Why Use Google Maps for Business?

Google Maps is one of many Google brands available for use by the average consumer. With Google Maps, people can view detailed maps of nearly anyplace in the world with the click of a button, as well as zoom in and out for extra details about the area.

For business owners, Google Maps is especially enticing for its ability to help direct customers to their website, as well as list basic information about the business location such as address and operation times. As a part of Google My Business, it’s not more simple than ever to add your business to Google Maps.

Who Needs Google Maps the Most?

Due to the ubiquity of the Google brand, virtually every business with a physical location can make use of Google Maps’ variety of helpful features. Small or family owned restaurants can especially benefit from this service, though, as their information will appear when a user searches for local eateries even if they’ve never heard of that specific business by name before. In some cases, certain small business owners may even opt to use Google Maps solely to advertise their business online due to the depth of information available in a Google Maps business search.

How Much Does One Spend on Google Maps Listings?

One of Google Maps’ best features is that it is absolutely free to use. In fact, Google actively encourages business owners just like you to add your business to Google Maps on their map using the Google My Business program.

Through their easy setup process, Google My Business allows business owners to identify the location of their business on a map of the United States while filling in details like name, phone number, address, and website at their convenience. If their business already happens to already be there, they can easily claim it as their own with the same simple verification process. As such, they won’t need to spend any time on creating their listing in the first place.

3 Ways in Which You Can Reduce Google Maps Spending

Given the fact that it is absolutely free to add your business to Google Maps and Google has yet to offer to pay users to list their businesses with them, there isn’t really any way to cut costs in relation to it. Instead, we’ll cover three ways in which Google Maps listings can help you save money in other areas of your business after you add your business to Google Maps.

1. Free Advertising

Google is potentially the best resource a business could hope for when it comes to free advertising space. According to Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman, approximately 75% of Yelp’s traffic comes directly from Google searches. While your business may not be as prolific as one like Yelp, it’s safe to say a not insubstantial amount of customers will first encounter your brand through Google.

By capitalizing on Google Maps’ ability to bring your business’ information directly to your customer base, you’re able to focus less on traditional print advertising, saving money on an antiquated form of advertising that might just be thrown out as junk mail.

2. Easy Customer Reviews

At least 67% of people are influenced in some way by the reviews of other customers according to a recent Google Consumer Survey study. This makes Google Maps’ ability to log user reviews of your business an invaluable asset when trying to sell your brand to new consumers.

Before the addition of Google Maps and sites like Yelp, the only place for businesses to advertise what their customers were saying about them would be in newspapers (with their declining readership) or in their own stores. Once you add your business to Google Maps, however, this allows customers to give you feedback directly on your business listing. This is both a helpful tool for convincing others to visit your business as well as a good way to learn what to improve about how you do business, potentially saving you money as you learn to optimize your business practices and abandon things that don’t work.

3. Interacting With Your Customers

There’s something priceless for a business in the positive effects simply interacting with your customers outside of your place of business can have. According to the research conducted by the McKinsey Quarterly, businesses that utilize social media see numerous improvements to their brand, including higher customer satisfaction, business leads, and profits.

The ability to add your business’ website, Facebook, and Google+ account to your Google Maps listing is a boon to any company. Having all your social media links in one place gives customers a way to interact with you, whether it be by sharing their opinions on the way you operate or posting funny stories to your wall. Either way, these interactions give you a way to ingratiate yourself to the public and find out what customers want to see from your business going forward, helping you avoid sinking money into unsuccessful and unprofitable ventures.

Summing Up

With this incredibly simple and intuitive process, you too can have your business listed on Google Maps if it isn’t there already. Fast, free, and easy, there’s no reason not to utilize Google Maps for your business. If you’re a business owner looking to have a larger online presence that will attract numerous customers, then it’s time to start looking into listing your business on Google Maps today.

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