Is your financial journey not going the way you would want it to? If that is the case, you need to know that it’s never too late to turn it all around. The first step you can take is read our 30 tips on how to save money each month list and get creative about your savings. Keep your lifestyle on far fewer pennies.

#1. Repair your clothes

When something of yours goes frail, or it gets loose, or you notice a button has fallen off, try to mend them yourself instead of taking them to the tailor’s or throwing them away.

#2. Entertain your children for less

If you have children, especially small ones, then you can definitely entertain them for very little money. Instead of expensive and complicated toys, you can get them balls, rag dolls or even crayons and paper.

#3. Cleaning out your closet

If you want to know how to save money each month when it comes to clothes, try digging into your closet instead of buying new ones. If you are one of those people who has a lot of clothes, then you will surely find some forgotten items at the back of your closet.

#4. Replay video games

If you happen to be a video game enthusiast but still want to save some money every month, you can try to buy and have fun with games that can be played over and over again. These include puzzle games and quests which you can play until you master them. Maximize the value of your gaming dollar if you want to know how to save money each month.

#5. No fast food and no convenience food!

Even if it doesn’t seem like it, both fast food and convenience food actually end up costing you a lot if you eat it on a regular basis. The reason is that they are very low as far as nutritional value is concerned. This means you will get hungry a lot faster and spend a lot more money on food.

#6. Quit your nasty habits

Smoking, excessive alcohol, and illicit drugs really do burn a hole in your pocket. How to save money each month? Quit them all and start living a frugal yet very healthy lifestyle.

#7. Yard sales should be maximized

If you are looking for a deal, then a yard sale is unquestionably the place to go. Instead of heading to the store for clothes, housewares, shoes or equipment for sports, try a local yard sale. You’ll be surprised.

#8. Say no to credit cards

That doesn’t mean you should give them up completely. However, credit cards make you feel like you have a lot of money to spend when you, in fact, don’t. Keep them at home and only take a limited amount of money with you every day. It will stop you from over-spending.

#9. Plan your meals according to your grocery store

When trying to decide how to save money each month, planning a weekly menu is one of the first things you should do. Building on this idea, instead of conjuring a plan out of thin air why not doing it according to the fliers you get from your local grocery store? See what they have on sale and plan meals subsequently.

#10. Learn to Bake

Instead of buying bread or pastries, you can always start baking them at home. You will save a lot of money as one pound of flour and sugar go a really long way. The same goes for bread. Apart from the fact that it saves you a lot of money, it’s also a lot healthier and tastier than the store-bought one.

how to save money each month bake your own bread

#11. Labor as a gift

Instead of buying someone a present, you can gift them a few hours of labor. For example, if you know a couple of new parents, babysit for an evening. The same goes for people that have a pet or who need someone to mow their lawn.

#12. Holiday shopping after the holidays

Instead of buying your presents and holiday paraphernalia during the high of the season along with everyone else, buy them after the season has ended. The price will be extremely low because all the shops will want to get rid of the merchandise they have stocked.

#13. Generic brands should become your best friends

Instead of buying your typical brands when it comes to hygiene or cleaning products, you should go for the generic ones instead. Store brands are just as good as the other ones, and they cost a lot less because they have not been advertised, and the producers did not invest as much in the packaging.

#14. Stay away from the mall

Stop going to the mall because it’s a place of temptation when you’re trying to save some money. Even if you’re not going there to shop but just to hang out or look at people for fun, you might still end up spending some money on beverages or sweets you wouldn’t buy otherwise.

#15. Instead of the 5-second rule, try the 10-second one

The five-second rule says that if you drop food on the floor, and you pick it up in under five seconds, it’s still good to eat. The ten-second one states that, when shopping and trying to save money, you should always pick up an item, hold it for ten seconds and ask yourself what is the real reason why you’re buying it. If you really need it, then go ahead and make the purchase. If not and you consider it to be a whim, put it down.

#16. Chain leftovers

The idea of chaining leftovers is one that will end up saving you a lot of money. This is how it goes. If you cook one night, you then have to use the leftovers to start next day’s meal and so on. Let’s say, for example, you decided to cook ham and rice tonight. If you have any leftovers available, you can then cook black beans and rice for tomorrow. Use the leftover beans to cook chili the third day and so on.

how to save money each month using leftovers

#17. How to save money each month? Dress minimally

A great tip for saving money is to build a wardrobe from scratch. Buy some basic items, such as simple T-shirts, dresses, and pants that can be worn everywhere and on every occasion. Mix and match and watch your wallet rest peacefully.

#18. Don’t call a guy. You are the guy

When something around the house breaks down, such as your dishwasher, AC or washing machine, don’t hurry up in calling the proverbial guy to fix them. You can check their manual because it usually contains advice on how to fix minor problems your appliances might have. Also, here’s a trick – if you don’t have the manual anymore, search for it online. There’s a good chance you’ll find it. If not, you can always ask for details on specialized forums.

#19. Free events are the best events

Instead of spending a lot of money on concert tickets or movies, check out the ones organized by the city council or by different associations in your local area. They are typically just as good as the other ones and, more importantly, they are free of all charges.

#20.  Gardening can be more than a hobby

In fact, it can be an inexpensive one as well. If you have a yard, a terrace, or a balcony, take up gardening. If you are looking for ways on how to save money each month, this is the best one. A small crop of healthy vegetables will help you keep money in your pocket, rather than spending it at the grocery store.

#21. Clothes are meant to be swapped

Instead of buying new clothes every month, how about making a deal with some of your best friends to swap your clothes? It’s a great way to breathe new life into your wardrobe and still abide by your how to save money each month plan. You can also rent an outfit if you need it for a special occasion.

#22. Stop buying cleaning supplies

And start making you very own at home. As we all know, good cleaning supplies are quite costly, and they are also damaging to the environment. However, if you start making your own cleaning products, you can solve both these problems in no time. There are countless ways to do it, as well. For example, you can mix vinegar with some borax to make a powerful all-purpose cleaner. You can also make your own laundry detergent and be surprised how little it can cost.

#23. Eat it now

A great way in which you can avoid throwing away food is by making sure you eat or use all if it. Make a special shelf in your kitchen or one of your cupboards and store only the products that are about to go bad. Hurry up and eat them or bring them to the front so that they’re not forgotten and then thrown away.

#24. Do you have any benefits as an employee?

Many people are pleasantly surprised when they try this tip. You might know about your health benefits, dental, and vision but take a trip to your HR department. Some companies offer tickets to games, boxing matches, prescription discounts, and others. They are all free and included in your employee package, so why not take advantage of them?

#25. No more expensive coffee

You might love your daily coffee run to your next door coffee shop where they add whipped cream, cinnamon, vanilla pods, or caramel to the beverage, but it’s burning a hole in your pocket. How to save money each month? Instead of these sugar-packed, fatty, fattening drinks, make your own coffee at home and take it with you in a traveler’s mug every morning.

#26. Buy a crock pot

It’s insane how much money a crock pot can, in fact, save you. Once you buy it, it will become extremely easy to cook dinners, for example. You can simply throw in all the ingredients and let them stew in their delicious juices until you come back home in the evening. Don’t forget to set the burner on low.

#27. Put a limit to your gift-giving

If you’re trying to find out how to save money each month, here’s another tip. Discuss with your family and closest friends about gift-giving. You can set up a budget limit which no one is allowed to surpass. In this way, you will still get the birthday boy or girl something nice, but without spending too much money.

#28. Don’t play the lottery

Studies show that the average American citizen spends some $25 every month on lottery tickets. Although there is a possibility you’ll win, it is remote. Therefore, stop playing and save the money instead.

#29. Focus on discount codes

When you shop online, first look for a discount code, which you can find on specialized websites. It can mean a reduction in the cost of five to 50 percent. These sites can also make it easy for you to print out coupons or store them on your phone for later.

#30. DIY beauty treatments

Pinterest and specialized blogs are perfect as a source of ideas for making your very own makeup items. You will be surprised to find out just how cheap it is to make them. All you need are things that you, probably, already have around the house, such as coconut oil, cinnamon or peanut butter.

Are you still wondering how to save money each month? If so, read our list once more!

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