Social media is a huge part of the modern day world. There are few people today without some social media account, like Twitter or Facebook. Those who do tend to check that social media daily, if not more often, are also few. Chief among these social media sites is the photo sharing site Instagram. Instagram allows users to scroll through dozens, or even hundreds, of pictures daily, easily keeping up with friends, family, and celebrity crushes. But are there any Instagram marketing tools available?

The app also gives businesses a unique and sleek way to market their products and services, inserting these right into their followers’ daily routines. However, it can be hard to get an Instagram account off the ground and into the devices of consumers. To aid in these, read up on these Instagram marketing tools for effective and efficient Instagram marketing.

4 Instagram Marketing Tools That Your Business Needs

1. Grum

A big failing of Instagram as a marketing platform is the lack of a capability for scheduled posts. This is a common function for platforms like Twitter and Facebook. There, you can write up a post in the morning, for example, and schedule it to appear in the afternoon. This failure results in many business Instagram users being forced to constantly be on their phone in order to get multiple posts up in one day. Often, they use reminders to keep on track with posting. But this still means one still has to be hands-on posting all day long.

  • The first of these Instagram marketing tools addresses this problem. The tool, called Grum, links with your Instagram account to allow for more hands-off management.
  • A Grum user will create posts in the app. Then, it’s easy to set up a schedule for these posts to be put on Instagram at a later time.
  • The app will automatically post when you schedule it to without any need for a confirmatory push of a button.
  • Grum is also versatile in that it allows the user to operate from their desktop instead of a cramped phone screen.

2. Ink361

Any marketing expert will tell you to know as much as you can about your audience. Understand your audience, what makes them tick, what they like, what they don’t like, and shape your marketing plan around these things. This strategy carries over into social media marketing plans. A good social media account is in tune with its followers.

  • Next on our list of Instagram marketing tools eases the implementation of this idea. Ink361 links with your account. Then, it gathers any information it can to give you a better understanding of your social media following.
  • This information, things like likes and comments, allow you to cater your posting to the things your followers connect with the most.
  • It will also take a look at your fellow Instagram marketeers, perhaps competitors or simply similar accounts. Then, it will get a good grasp of their audiences in order to tap into that same audience. This free app is a must-have for any company serious about gaining a social media presence on Instagram.

3. Crowdfire

There are a few strategies for gaining followers on Instagram. Primary among these is becoming a follower yourself. To elaborate, this refers to finding big accounts that cater to your target audience. Then, proceed to follow the accounts that follow that big account. Now, this does not guarantee that these accounts will follow you back. It does, however, give you a pretty good chance of getting some views of your profile. Then, you can also gain a follow back from about a third of the people you follow. This might not sound like a lot, but if you do this for a really popular account you could wind up with thousands of new followers just through this simple method. This method can become problematic, though, since Instagram has a follow cap of around 6,000. To be efficient, then, you’ll have to un-follow those who do not follow you back.

  • This is where the third of our Instagram marketing tools comes in. Crowdfire will take a look at your followers and who you’re following. Then, it compares the two lists to tell you who follows you back.
  • You can then choose to un-follow those who don’t follow you without even tapping on Instagram.
  • Crowdfire also has useful capabilities like assisting to identify and blacklist spam accounts.
  • The apps also takes a look at the followers of other accounts.
Fashion woman using tablet

Remember, your ultimate goal on Instagram is to get followers to enjoy your posts. From here on, it’s a small step to purchasing your products.

4. Iconosquare

We’ve already discussed scheduling posts and making a plan for your Instagram marketing. Perhaps you decide to post around three times a day, and you set to it. But your posts, numerous as they are, generate no followers. You get no likes and your comment section is a wasteland. What could be the problem here?

Catering to your audience is more than just understanding what type of content your followers and potential followers enjoy. You need to understand what times of day are most likely for post traffic, especially if you have an international audience. Hashtags are also crucial for a good Instagram account, as this allows you to reach outside of your followers and get to new accounts.

  • Here is where the strength of the next Instagram marketing tool comes in. Inconosquare is an analytics tool to add to your arsenal of Instagram marketing tools.
  • The data it provides can prove crucial to building a solid account. This includes hashtag performance and which times get your posts the most engagement,
  • Having this data at your fingertips allows you to post at your busiest Instagram time of data with your most popular hashtags in the caption, maximizing your post effectiveness.


Instagram, along with other social media outlets, can prove to be one of the most effective ways for a modern day business to find success in the current culture. Those likes and comments on your posts can easily translate to revenue for your company, one way or another. However, heading into the social media community without a few Instagram marketing tools can make it an uphill climb to get to the top.

Using these Instagram marketing tools for your account can lead to the social media success of your business. Remember, everything needs to be backed up by a good marketing plan.