In a global market in which competition is at an all-time high, businesses are constantly on the effort to find ways to remain competitive. At the same time they need to remain profitable. While increasing revenue generation is an obvious modality to ensure profitability, reducing existing costs is also a highly efficacious method for protecting profit margins. When it comes to operational costs, the list can be pretty comprehensive. However, one cost line that many businesses allow to float under the radar that associated with janitorial services.

Any company that is maintaining a brick and mortar location will likely have the need for janitorial services, and depending on the size of the business, these costs can be significant. The idea associated with operational savings is to identify those operational practices that have room for the reduction in costs. There are multitudinous cost elements part of the janitorial production process. One of the challenges that many businesses face is that the janitorial service provider will have a highly lucid understanding of the cost value hidden underneath their services, but the business owner will not likely have such awareness.

The goal of a business attempting to reduce the costs coming with its janitorial services is. Thus, they take a comprehensive look at all components of the service and eliminate any unnecessary spending.

What are Janitorial Services?

What falls under the category of janitorial services can be quite broad. This depends on the size of the building and the scope and range of the company providing janitorial services. Basically anything that is a part of the cleaning and aesthetic process is janitorial service. This includes emptying the trash, cleaning and maintaining the floors, cleaning windows, the upkeep of restrooms, and more.

Janitorial service providers will lay out the services that are a part of their core packages. They will also present the owner with any additional services available at additional costs.

What Type of Businesses Need Janitorial Services

Virtually any business that has a physical presence, or brick and mortar location, will need janitorial service. Some businesses may have their own janitorial staff. However, more and more businesses are choosing to contract a janitorial service provider. The cost of staffing janitors can be significant, and the extra burden on the human resources side of the coin can be substantial as well. Outsourcing the janitorial services seems to be the economical option for most business owners.

How Much Normally Goes on Janitorial Services?

Because the cost of janitorial services depends on a number of variables, the cost can vary significantly. Some of the variables that impact janitorial costs include geographical location, the size of the business, the types of services they will perform, and the frequency with which the building will need cleaning.

When a janitorial service provider is preparing a quote for a potential customer, they consider several issues. The provider will consider the flooring composition — the comparison of hardwood, tile and carpeting. Additionally, the provider will also consider the number of offices, desks, glass surfaces and bathrooms. On average, janitorial service providers will charge $25 per hour and up.

Some Effective Methods for Cutting Janitorial Costs

There are a number of different methods for cutting costs that come with janitorial services. Following are several of the most common methods.

Focus on Production

When dealing with commercial janitorial services, the production cost is the single most important contributing factor that influences the cost. To determine the production rate the output is divided by the input. In other words, the provider will take the total square footage covered in an hour. The, he or she will divide it by the total number of hours it takes to complete the job.

There are two primary components that influence production — mechanical speed and human speed. Make sure that janitorial service is providing the highest level of productivity possible. Remember, it is likely that the business will be billed based on an hourly rate.

Negotiate a Flat Rate

One way to avoid paying too much due to the lack of productivity is to evaluate the reasonable workflow for the building. Next, one must negotiate a flat rate that would be beneficial as far as costs come. This completely eliminates the possibility of poor production costing the company more than it should be paying.

Eliminate Unnecessary Services

Janitorial service providers are like any other service provider. They will attempt to sell businesses additional services in order to increase their bottom line. In many instances, these additional services do provide an increased value; however, it is the responsibility of the business owner or the business manager to determine if these added services are providing enough added value to justify the increase in costs. If the increase in cost cannot be reasonably justified, they should be eliminated.

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Emphasis Cleanliness

It is important to emphasize cleanliness to the work staff. When employees make it a point to keep their work areas clean, it is likely that they can reduce the frequency in which the janitorial service provider will have to come out during a given week or month. In many cases, the staff divides certain small tasks, such as emptying waste baskets. When employees take ownership in the responsibility of keeping the workplace clean, the overall costs of janitorial services drops down significantly.

The need for janitorial services plays a substantial role in the overall performance and presentation of any business. Not only do janitorial service providers contribute to the aesthetic appeal of any business, but cleaning also promote good workplace health by the removal of bacteria and germs — reducing the risk of employee illnesses associated with poorly maintained work areas. And, while it is obvious that businesses need the services that janitorial service providers offer, it is paramount you take the necessary steps to ensure that they are not overpaying for the services that they are receiving.

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