Commercial Waste Consulting

Average Savings of 20% - 50%

Our commercial waste consultants will analyze your business costs and help you trim them anywhere from 20-50%. We will review your current operations, identify money-saving opportunities, and form a plan for the future. 

Insurance Cost Consulting

Average Savings of 10% - 20%

We have partnered with the leader in business insurance premium reductions, RateCraft, reducing costs for group health, workers compensation, liability, business property for 750 projects in the past 19 years.

Gas and Electricity Cost Reduction

Average Savings of 10% - 20%

As part of of our Cost Reduction Network, we have partnered with EMEX, a DIY Gas and Electric Reverse Auction for deregulated markets. Your company will be able to bid in real-time to get the lowest rates on your utility bills; reducing your utility expenses by 10% - 20%.

Mobile & Telecom Audits

Average Savings of 20% - 40%

Our comprehensive billing analysis will explore every aspect of your wireless bill, assess each line item on a “per device” basis, and implement an optimized fee schedule that will have huge impact on your bottom-line. We offer services in Bill Analysis, Optimization, and Monthly Management that have been proven to cut costs by 20% to 40%.

Shipping Audits

Average Savings of 3% - 10%

Our proprietary cloud-based shipping refund recovery solution credits your UPS® and FedEx® accounts for late shipments autonomously. This system is proven to cut shipping costs by up to 10%.

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Review Current Operations

Our consultants can do an in-depth assessment of your business to gain a greater understanding of your unique service needs.

Identify Opportunities

We will then identify opportunities using the latest technology to reduce costs by applying our knowledge of Commercial Waste, Insurance, Utility Expenses, Telecommunications and Shipping.

Increase Company Value

After our experts come in and audit every line item, invoice, and SKU in your business, we will work with your company, hand in hand, to implement our money saving strategies. Both reducing  business expenses and increasing company value.