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Using a markup calculator is an excellent way for a business to take charge of its financial outlook. It provides a clear-cut method for gauging your future profits along with identifying places where you can streamline production and improve your bottom line. It’s easy to over or underestimate your costs unless you take the time to crunch the numbers.

That can lead to a fatal error. Over 80 percent of small businesses fail because they don’t manage their cash flow problems adequately. Even more sobering is the fact that 8 out of 10 won’t survive past 18 months. One obstacle is not having a handle on their expenses. That’s where a markup calculator can help.

Things to Consider

The basic formula is cut and dry. Finding the perfect markup calculator for you depends on the other information you need to know. Often, you can locate online versions that can provide a wealth of other details that you may find helpful. For example, learning how discounts factor into the equation can provide guidance for creating promotions.

calculating discount factor

No matter what is the industry of your business, it’s good to know to give you additional leverage when negotiating contracts with potential customers. The chances are that you’ve baked in some wiggle room when it comes to this aspect of your sales. It’s even more important to arm your sales staff with the specific details to capitalize on it. Other things to consider include:

You also should weigh in other factors such as seasonality and lifespan of the inventory that you have on hand. Profit is often a fluid calculation that takes into account factors beyond your control. However, they all play a role in your bottom line which is the primary focus. We found several versions of markup calculators that approach this task from different angles.

That’s why it’s important to think about what you need to know to make adjustments to your business model. It’s never a one-size-fits-all solution. Your job is to figure out what you need to know to serve the goals of your business best. And markup calculators vary with what figures they provide. We’ve served up several that have different takes on this question.

Top 6 Best Markup Calculators

Each of the ones we considered provided various information. The first thing you need to think about is what you must know. You’ll find online calculators that provide basic info to more details. One point to remember is that knowledge is power. There’s no such thing as too much. It boils down to what you need to know, delivered in the matter that you need it.

Calculator Soup

calculator soup

The web app from Calculator Soup does an excellent job of laying out the calculation and what you learn from it. It takes the basic info and expands on it. We liked the fact that you can share this information with your staff. If you don’t have a lot of accounting experience, this site will give you a nice overview of this part of your business.

That’s where it succeeds. The interface is user-friendly to help newbies feel more comfortable. After all, that’ why someone is searching for this type of info. It’s refreshing to see a website that understands this perspective. We’d suggest that you begin with this one if you need a broad overview of this information.

Omni Calculator

web app omni calculator

This web app gives you some background information to put it into perspective for you. It also explains the concept behind markup. It’s more complicated than just a number in your ledger book. Therein lies its value. If you’re new to the business world, you need advice from the inside-point-of-view perspective. Consider it your education in the school of hard knocks.

That’s exactly what you get from a tool of this sort. We prefer a website that explains the why behind what you should do. It helps to make the concepts stick so that we don’t forget them. Think of cause and effect learning.

Financial Calculator

financial calculator

Financial Calculator takes a different approach with you giving you additional variables to test such as percent discount and a discounted amount for a more rounded view of how to price your deliverables. We liked the fact that you have more input which, in turn, gives you more flexibility.

It’s especially useful for new products or services. You may need to experiment with different pricing models to see which works best for your business. This tool offers the perfect what to do A-B testing.

Easy Calculation

calculatio on currencies using easycalculator

Easy Calculation succeeds in that it lets you choose the currency of your sales. It can come in handy for a variety of products including setting prices for Kindle on-demand books. If international profits are an important part of your business, this is the markup calculator you need to try. It also does a nice job of giving you the basics.

It succeeds as a source for everything you need in one site which small businesses will appreciate. It’s often a hurdle in deciding between online tools because it can confuse the newbie business with information that they don’t need. That’s where these simpler tools succeed. Cut to the chase is often what you require.

Mini Webtool

mini webtool for markup calculations

The Mini Webtool takes a different approach to this question. First, it’s bare bones to be sure. You won’t find a simpler calculator. All you need to know is your cost and the final price. Then, it figures out your markup percentage. On the one hand, it cuts to the chase. On the other hand, it’s then up to you to figure out how it’s relevant to your business based on just this figure.

Some calculators are overkill. They provide more information than you need which can end up being confusing. Stick with one that provides just what you need to avoid making it more complicated than what you need.

Shopify Calculator

shopify calculator

The Shopify Calculator takes a similar approach with a web app that goes right to the chance. Again, you don’t need a lot of info, only your price and markup. That gives you an outstanding way to price your products to cover your costs with a reasonable profit. It’s probably the best solution for a small business owner who just needs a quick answer to their pricing questions.

Shopify, of course, is geared toward online sales where overhead is minimal, and it’s easier to gauge this figure. Even if you’re running your business from your home, it’s essential to have a handle on what you’re actually making while doing it.

Final Thoughts

Information is the most valuable thing that a business owner must seek. It is the foundation of all your decisions and, ultimately, your bottom line. Markup calculators give you an opportunity to test out different business models and give you the flexibility to fine-tune pricing and discounting to suit its needs.

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The essential thing to remember is that you must evolve and respond to the changing market. Prices aren’t static whether they are what you pay or charge. It’s vital to maintain that balance to ensure the profitability and stability of your company. A markup calculator is an excellent way to start.