Looking to reduce electric bill expenses is a must for companies that want a firm grip on their costs of operation. Businesses tend to soak up the highest electricity bills. It so happens electricity is the most overlook purchase when starting a new business. When you factor in office furniture, employees, rent, and parking; electricity seems like such a changing factor that’s hard to regulate. Especially since there are many since there are many energy alternatives such as gas, hydro, and water you have to take into account if electricity is the best option in energy for your business.

However, if you make the business decision that electricity is the best factor for your business it’s time to take into account what you can do to help reduce electric bill to better grow your company. You have to consider how what times your building operates, overnight security cameras, heat and air conditioning for the summer and winter, as well as backup lights when the building is closed. But before we go over what you can do to change your bills, we are going to explore the entirety of what electric bills are, who needs energy the most, and how much (on average) companies spend on electricity.

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What Are Electric Bills?

First, let’s discuss what an electric bill is. The answer, simply, is an electronic or physical invoice of how much electric energy you consume. From the moment you turn on the lights and pour your first cup of coffee, to punching in the security codes at the end of the day to lock up. However, don’t feel guilty because everyone uses it. Electricity is the most popular form of energy consumption, and everyone have been in your shoes trying to find ways to knock down the cost. It is important for everyone in your office to know what kind of energy consumption you are using to get a better understanding on how the company operates, especially since electricity is a healthier option for our planet. Good on you!

Who Needs Electricity the Most?

Now, this isn’t a trick question. People aren’t actually the highest electricity consumers, but our appliances are. However, we do use them on a constant basis. One of the highest energy consumers in an average business are the air conditioners and heaters. Why? Most businesses tend to keep the heaters and air conditioning on overnight. Although, it can create a warmer or colder environment for your staff it could be killing your budget. A great alternative to reduce electric bill is to let the heater or AC run for a half hour every other hour. You are consistently keeping the temperature without needing a constant rung of electric power.

How Much Is Usually Spent on Electricity?

Don’t skip over this section, no matter how scared you are of electric bill numbers. It may just help set a guide to reduce electric bill. On average, a smaller or micro business spends 5,000-15,000 kWH. For a regularly sized business, they spend about 15,000-25,000 kWH. Finally, for a larger business, they spend on average 30,000-50,000 kWH. Set these numbers as your guide. Write it down on a sticky note and put it next to every appliance your business runs if you have to. Luckily, most businesses tend to stick with these numbers but it doesn’t take a lot of effort to cut down on energy. Next, we will go over 12 ways we can reduce electric bill!

  • Get rid of old appliances: Older appliances consume more energy and always remember that less is better!
  • Close the doors: Especially in the summer, if you keep doors or windows open you are literally wasting money. The warm air is coming in and the cool costly air is leaving.
  • Change bulbs to energy efficient ones: they require less wattage which means fewer bills for you.
  • Change to energy efficient windows: Just one more way to go green, but you can also get money off your bill for using these.
  • Stop running all your appliances at once: If you have 3 microwaves, use one at a time to limit energy consumption. Also, using that many appliances at once can short a circuit and cost money for repairs.
  • Clean your windows: The cleaner a window is, the more sun can come in and heat up the office during the colder seasons.
  • Insulate your doorways: If there are noticeable gaps under the doors in your office, check our Amazon for cheap door insulators to go around the frame to keep the cold or heat in.
  • Maintain your AC or heating units: Broken or old units can suck up more energy or give off dangerous fumes which can be a hazard in the workplace.
  • Try using apps on your phone: energy saving apps can keep track of how much energy you are using and how much is left on your budget.
  • Install solar panels: the ultimate planet saving tool, these handy gadgets can reduce electric bill by 75%.
  • Get a windmill: Not the most practical for companies located in cities, but it naturally creates energy and looks great!
  • Don’t crank up the heat or air conditioning: during the summer or winter months go for average temperatures such as 60-70 degrees. When you need more energy for your device, the higher your bill is going to be.

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As costly as a business startup can be, electricity can be a heavy hitter for most companies. All things considered if you follow these 12 easy steps you should be able to reduce electric bill by 50%. Always remember that even the smallest thing you do will not only impact the planet positively but it will impact your business. Employees tend to feel better in an environment that cares for others. You can even promote on your business’s site your progress on going green and cutting costs. Feel free to comment below on how our energy saving tips helped you as well if you have any to share!

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