At its inception, the idea of team building so as to boost the cohesiveness within the organization was an admirable one. However, as with most good ideas, it was taken out of context by some managers who started treating it like boot-camp instead of a fun thing that involved every member of the organization. So even if it’s not obvious, there is a need to learn team building tips for building an effective team

Despite its current reputation of being lame, team building when done correctly is the most important investment that you can make for your organization. Effective team building automatically implies a more engaged workforce. This is because it builds trust, encourages communication, mitigates conflict, and increases collaboration. Let us then look at 13 of the best team building activities that will take your organization’s drive up a notch.

9 Games for Team Building Tips for Building an Effective Team

1. Truth and Lies

  • Each member should introduce themselves by name then say a truth about themselves followed by a lie.
  • After everyone has made their statements, allow for a quick open discussion where the participants challenge each other on their statements.
  • Your aim is to convince the others that the lie is actually a truth while at the same time trying to discern the frankness of their statements.

After the discussion, the group will then vote on each member’s statements. Points are then awarded for each lie guessed correctly. It is one of the best team building tips for building an effective team. This is because it encourages openness among the coworkers because you get to know each other better. The activity should ideally take an hour.

2. Concentration

  • It is a great exercise that can quickly re-energize your team’s spirits.
  • First begin by instructing the members to split into two groups and face each other.
  • The game will involve one group turning around for 40 seconds while the second group tries to change something about their appearance.
  • This might involve things like removing spectacles or jewelry, pulling up sleeves, anything that is noticeable but subtle.
  • The first group then turns around and tries to pinpoint the changes that the second group has applied.
  • They will then reverse roles.

It is a highly stimulating activity and is a lot of fun too.

3. Egg Drop

Another of the best team building activities; it is easily a classic. This game is the one you need when looking for team building tips for building an effective team.

  • Have the group split into different teams.
  • The aim of the activity is to build an egg shelter that can keep the egg from breaking when it is dropped from a couple of stories.
  • Provide them with straws, newspapers, plastic, tape, rubber bands, and balloons.
  • Allow them some time to design the shelter.
  • Next, each team should take turns dropping their package from the 2nd store.
  • The height of the egg drop should be increased until a clear winner is found.
  • The event should take a maximum of two hours.

4. Win, Lose or Draw

For this game, you will need a pen, piece of paper, and a whiteboard. Now think of items that fit into specific categories which could either be generic or specific to the team. Generic categories may include types of food, places of interest, and so forth. Team-specific categories could include business ideas for startups, computer technologies for computer scientists, students and schools for teachers.

  • Split the group into two.
  • Each team will choose an artist that will draw the items on the list.
  • This will be done without any means of communication apart from the hint of the category name.
  • The team that gets the most items right on the list is the winner.

5. Arm Wrestling

This will be a lot of fun for obvious reasons. This is suitable for when you are looking for team building tips for building an effective team and bonding it.

  • Issue an arm-wrestling challenge and have people pair up for the competition.
  • It will be a no holds barred contest. But, however, it will be up to each pair to decide whether they are going to approach it as a contest or an opportunity to build each other up. Either way, it’s a great way to raise team spirits.

team group hug

6. Paintball

Not all the best team building activities are indoors; head out and work some muscles. This is a sure good way of burying the hatchet and building a healthy relationship with your workmates.

Take as much time as you need; the members will thank you for it.

7. Helium Stick

It is a short fun game that can be used as an ice breaker. All you require is a long thin stick that you should introduce as a Helium Stick.

  • Have your groups in two lines facing each other.
  • Now ask each person to raise the index finger of their right hand to about chest height.
  • Place the pole on top of the outstretched fingers.
  • The aim is to lower the pole to the ground while everyone maintains contact with the stick. If anyone loses contact, you must start over.
  • The stick will seem to rise at first thus the name Helium Stick.
  • This is because of the sum of individual pressures being applied to it causing it to go up instead of down.
  • When everyone relaxes, it becomes easy to lower the pole to the ground.
  • It is a very fun exercise and immediately boosts spirits.
  • The exercise should take 15 minutes.

8. Talking in Circles

This is a fun but challenging and easily one of the best team building activities recommended for competitive individuals.

  • Put everyone in a circle. This will be achieved by tying the ends of a long rope together and shaping it into a circle then each member holds the rope waist high.
  • Now have them close their eyes and start forming shapes using the rope. This will require effective communication among them to be able to achieve their objective.
  • Start with basic shapes such as squares and progressively make them harder.
  • Every once in a while, have them open their eyes to observe their progress.

9. Human Knot

  • No materials are necessary in this event but a group size of 8-20 people is recommended.
  • Instruct the members to stand shoulder to shoulder and form a circle.
  • Now ask everyone to reach out with their right hand and grab the hand of the person standing across from them.
  • Now let them put their left hands in the air and grab someone else.
  • The objective of the game will be for them to untangle themselves without breaking the chain. If someone releases their hand, the game starts over.
  • This game will require a great deal of strategy which requires effective communication and strategy. It is one of those team building tips for building an effective team that thinks as a whole.

Bonding the Team

The above list is some of the best team building activities that you could incorporate into your business model. These team building tips for building an effective team will work their best on the long run. A good team has to be both efficient and effective. These skills can only be molded by encouraging team spirit within the organization.

It will go a long way in ensuring success in your organization and most importantly, work becomes fun.