Being a great sales manager usually comes with time and experience, but is also the product of a series of qualities and skills. However, you can become good in what you do by developing a series of latent skills, or even acquiring some new ones. Learn which are the best traits of a good sales manager, and then teach yourself how to develop them to impress your bosses.

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What makes a sales manager good?

When you think about a sales manager, the first thing that comes to mind is the ability to persuade. Being a sales manager means selling, so good people skills are essential. However, these traits might not work for a team as they work for customers.

Sales are often based on intimidation and great persuasion skills, but you need more to be a manager. Applying the same techniques on your team might not bring the result you expect, as they also know how to talk to potential customers. Therefore, applying their own practices won’t impress them, and might even affect a dynamic tales like a sales one.

Therefore, you need to master the best traits of a good sales manager, which deal both with selling but also with taking care of a team.

1.      Understand change

Before managing your team, you should understand the market. Take some time to perform some market studies on its situation over a longer period of time. Also, get used to change. The market is constantly evolving, so nothing is going to last for more than a year. Once you have grasped this concept, it’s time to get your team ready.

Instead of thinking of change as loss, try to focus on what you can win from it. Adopt a more open-minded and positive attitude whenever there’s a huge change on the market, and teach your team to take advantage of everything they can.

2.      Make your team trust you

There is one single way to earn the trust of your team. You can tell them whatever you like, but the only way to convince them is through your actions. They should see you working just as hard as them. Also, you have to be clear when telling them what to do, and be consistent in your views. Once you have made a decision, stick to it, or they will start appreciating you less and less.

A good sales manager doesn’t only coordinate the team, they are also its pillar. If they need help, you should be prepared to do it. Be there when they need you, and let all the members know they can count on you anytime.

3.      Be confident

Nothing makes a manager strong better than confidence. While you might think this is a skill you should be born with, there are several tricks you can do to increase your confidence. First, you should come to know yourself. Your lack of confidence might be given by being aware of your weaknesses. Knowing them is a good thing, but you shouldn’t allow them to overwhelm you.

Instead, think about your strengths and qualities. Think about all those successes and what helped you become the leader of your team. Then, use these qualities to make your team better. You should make them reach their potential, while putting their needs first.

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4.      Be brave

A good sales manager can handle even the most difficult situations. Whenever you stumble upon a problem, do not hesitate to face it. Look for its source and then try to solve it. Tell your team about it, and encourage them to come up with solutions.

If the problem concerns one of the members, you shouldn’t be afraid to talk about it. In some cases, this member might be the one that caused the issue. As a manager, it’s your job to confront the other members of the team and ask them to take responsibility for their action. If it’s your fault, you are the one that should take responsibility.

5.      Be ambitious

This is probably one of the essential traits of a good sales manager. In this industry, you need to be in constant action, and keep up with the market. Success won’t come if you are passive, so you should find ways to spice up your desire to sell.

Do not think of yourself as greedy if you want to sell more. This is your job, and you should seek profit. Find what keeps you motivated, and then apply the same strategy to your team. This way, there shouldn’t be anything that would stop you from achieving your goals.

6.      Talk to your team

Unlike a regular sales person, you should not only be able to persuade and make people do what you want. You should also be able to listen. Whenever your team has something to say, be open about it. Listen to every employee and constantly ask them for feedback.

This feedback should not only be about organizational things, but also about selling strategies. They will appreciate you more if they see you care about the well-being of the team and about their opinions.

7.      Be funny and relaxed, but don’t forget you are a leader

All employees appreciate if their manager allows a relaxed environment at the workplace. Whenever you can apply humor to a situation, don’t refrain from doing it. However, you shouldn’t forget your goal. Avoid getting too relaxed and letting things slip. If the team starts taking the tasks less seriously, you should bring them back. It’s okay to be a little harsh sometimes, as this allows you to survive in this business.

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Summing up

These techniques and behaviors should help you develop the traits of a good sales manager. Some innate abilities help in the process, but you can acquire most of the skills through experience and self-awareness. A good sales manager is not about being persuasive and edgy, but also about knowing when to be relaxed. Learning to listen is essential here, as your team will value you more if you are flexible and understanding.

Image sources: Pixabay