Twitter offers three options in advertising on their website: promoted tweets, promoted accounts, and promoted trends. If you want to quickly gain new followers on Twitter, then promoted accounts is a good option. When you buy a promoted account ad on Twitter, the site advertises your account to potential new followers. And Twitter promotion costs aren’t even that high up.

Promoted tweets and promoted accounts are inexpensive at $0.50-$4 per engagement or follower, depending on the type of promotion. Promoted trends are expensive, costing $200,000 for just one day of advertising. Continue reading to learn more about the three types of Twitter promotion, the costs involved, and how to reduce expenses on this type of advertising.

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What Is Twitter Promotion Cost?

Twitter promotion cost is how much you pay to promote on Twitter. As explained in the introduction, there are three general types of Twitter advertising. A promoted tweet is a tweet of yours that you pay to advertise on the site. The tweet will show up on the timelines of your target audience labeled as a promoted tweet, so that users understand why a tweet from someone they’re not following is showing up in their feed.

Promoted tweets are also displayed in the search results on Twitter. You can target the ads based on gender, geography, interests, similarity to existing followers, and device. When you advertise through promoted trends, you are given placement in the Trends section of Twitter for a day. Promoted trends are good for giving your business massive exposure.

Who Needs Twitter Promotion the Most?

Twitter advertising benefits businesses of all sizes. Because the social media space has become competitive, one may argue that small businesses need Twitter promotion the most to quickly build their audiences and avoid being overshadowed by large businesses. However, it is still possible to grow a social media presence on Twitter the organic way when you understand what you’re doing. Most entrepreneurs and small business owners either don’t have the time or interest to learn how to make Twitter work for them organically. As a result, they outsource Twitter social media marketing, hire a social media marketer, or speed up the process through Twitter promotion.

How Much is Usually Spent on Twitter Promotion?

The Twitter promotion cost of promoted tweets and promoted accounts is $0.50-$4 per engagement. You only pay for each favorite, retweet, reply, and click on the tweet. Local businesses pay $1.35 on average for each engagement. Each new follower you gain through a promoted account costs $2.50-$4. Local brands usually pay $2.50 for each new follower gained through their promoted account. Promoted trends, on the other hand, are very expensive at $200,000 per day.

The new followers, retweets, and other engagement you receive from paid advertising are worth the Twitter promotion cost. Another benefit of Twitter paid advertising that makes the cost worth it is access to detailed analytics throughout the campaign. Through the analytics, you can garner insights on your target audience and determine which tweets and strategies performed best for your business. You can replicate what worked in future tweets.

4 Ways in Which You Can Reduce Twitter Promotion Cost

1. Establish a daily and total budget

The first step you should take to reduce Twitter promotion cost is set a daily and total budget. Without spending limits in place, you risk overspending. For small businesses and startups, overspending even in a slight way can be the death of their business.

To set a budget, evaluate how much each new lead to your website is. Always pay less than this number in Twitter advertising to avoid losing money. Once you know how much per lead you’re willing to pay, determine how much money total you are willing and able to spend on advertising. Your daily budget is easily calculated by dividing the total budget by the number of days in your campaign.

2. Keep your ads tightly targeted

A mistake people who are new to Twitter advertising make is targeting a broad audience. You should keep each campaign tightly targeted in order to have a better idea of what works and doesn’t work for your business. If you want to target multiple demographics, you should divide them into separate campaigns to ensure accurate tracking of your results. This saves you money on Twitter promotion by reducing how long you keep an unsuccessful campaign going.

3. Test your ads organically before paying to promote them

Another way businesses can reduce spending on Twitter advertising is to test their ads organically first and only promote those that performed well. How you do this is create different variations of what you want to promote on Twitter, then tweet each option at a similar time each week. Look at your analytics after all the ads have been posted and keep the ones that have the highest engagement levels and clickthroughs.

4. Test different approaches

You can save money by optimizing your ads. In order to optimize your ads, you must test different approaches. Examples of nuances you should test are goals, pricing options, audience demographics, and placement. Sometimes, a business doesn’t pick the right goal for their Twitter advertising. Therefore, you should experiment with different goals to find out which is most effective for you.

Pricing options should be played with as well. Sometimes a lower cost delivers better results. Yet, in other instances, you have to pay more for a better return on investment. As long as you stay within budget and don’t pay the same amount as a lead is worth, you won’t overspend testing out different pricing options.


Twitter promotion cost ranges between $0.50-$4 per engagement for promoted tweets and promoted accounts. This makes advertising on Twitter affordable even for small businesses and startups. However, just because it’s inexpensive doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put effort in minimizing costs as much as possible. You should test ads organically, uphold a sensible budget, and test different approaches in order to reduce Twitter promotion cost.

Has this article helped you save money on Twitter promotion for business? Have any other tips for reducing expenses? Let us know in the comments.

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