Think about the last time you were praised and how did you feel in that moment. Whether you’re a manager, a supervisor, or the owner of the company, it’s important to remember to praise your employees and the people you work with. If you’re familiar with the path goal theory, then you know how it is essential to give your staff the right mindset. That’s why today we are going to have a look at a couple of ways to reward employees and how to motivate them. Keep in mind that this will also benefit you, in the end, so read on.

Creative Ways to Reward Employees Who Do a Great Job

1. Office Massages

Bringing a professional masseuse for a day or setting up a massage room isn’t that costly. Plus, the employees will appreciate your concern for their comfort and well-being. Not to mention this will surely boost their productivity.

2. Have Lunch with Them

If you notice one employee has particularly good results, you should invite them for lunch. Having lunch with the boss is an opportunity not many can brag about. If you’re feeling particularly generous, you can let them choose the location or pay for their meal. Try not to talk only about work and take advantage of this time to get to know your employees better. Find out what hobbies or interests do they have, beyond the work lives.

3. Throw an Office Barbecue

One of the best ways to reward employees after they successfully completed a project is to throw an office barbecue during lunch. Make sure you set aside enough time for this and that it doesn’t interfere with your usual activities. You can even set a small budget and rent a place if you don’t have enough space at the office. In this way, you can learn more about your employees, see who loves cooking or just eating, etc.

4. Sporting Event Tickets

If you’re looking for ways to reward employees who have shown outstanding results, try and find out what is their favorite team in sports. Then, buy them a couple of tickets to an upcoming game. You can even invite them to go with you or just give them two tickets.

5. Bring Puppies to the Office

When you want to reward the entire time, you can have a puppy day at the office. Hire a service, or simply ring up a shelter found next to you. Ask them to bring lots of puppies at work and let your employees play with them. It has been scientifically proven that playing with puppies relieves stress and makes people more productive.

6. Team Shopping Spree

When you hit a milestone you have been waiting for a long while, take the number you achieved and work with it. For instance, if you completed 100 projects, take everyone to the mall and set the rules. Give each employee $100 and ask them to go around and buy something for themselves. Then, gather up in the middle of the mall and make them show everybody what they got. Finally, invite everyone to dinner.

7. Hot-Air Balloon

A hot-air balloon ride may not be the cheapest gift, but it is surely one of the best ways to reward employees. You can even turn it into an incentive. Let the team that is working on a project know that the one who comes up with the best ideas will receive a special gift. You can even mention what the gift is if you don’t care that much for the surprise.

8. Offer Liquor

If you’re working with adult employees, it’s a good idea to give them their favorite liquor. Make sure the person likes to drink occasionally, and find out what’s their favorite brand. Whether it’s beer, whiskey, or wine, they’ll surely appreciate it.

9. Company Apparel

Yet another great way to motivate your employees is to order company apparel, as well as other logo merchandise. They’re not that expensive and they’re a great way of saying ‘thank you’ to the people you work with. Try offering diverse items, such as T-shirts, ball caps, pens, mugs, planners, calendars, etc. You can even make a pack for each employee, to which you can add a handwritten note.

10. Gala Guest

In case your business has a good relationship with a certain charity, you can buy some tickets to the next lunch or dinner event. Allow your employees to attend the event. They will have a lot of fun and experience something new, while also being aware of your gratefulness.

11. Karaoke Party

Everybody loves karaoke, right? Well, maybe not everybody, but it’s a good idea for a reward. Rent a pub or a restaurant for one night and set up a karaoke party. It doesn’t matter if not everybody knows how to sing, add some alcohol and they will be relaxed enough to enjoy the experience.

12. Day Off

One of the most practical ways to reward employees and make sure they enjoy it is to give them a day off with a pay. Of course, you should make sure this doesn’t affect your undergoing projects. Then, surprise your hardworking employee by telling them they have the rest of the day off. Or you can just call them the night before and let them know they don’t need to show up the next morning.

13. Movie Tickets

If you heard the team talking about a new movie they’re excited about, surprise everybody and buy them movie tickets. In case you’re feeling generous, you can take them to the movies during the work hours and give them the rest of the day off. Add some popcorn and drinks on you and they’ll surely have a memorable day at work.

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To sum up, there are plenty of ways to reward employees and make them more motivated and productive. Some of them cost nothing or very little, so it’s a good idea to take advantage of the free suggestions. Others presuppose some investment on your side, but this can be worth it if you’re celebrating something important. No matter what suggestion you choose, make sure your employees feel valued and motivated at work. This can only bring excellent results for the entire team.

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